During the course, write a 3-5 pages of a methodological approach you choose, preparing for your thesis, based on methodological literature. It is important to limit your focus on a specific methodology/method instead of trying to discuss the whole field of qualitative research! Consider the chosen topic from the following aspects: epistemology, ontology, paradigm, validity and reliability.

In practice this means addressing the following questions:

What is the methodology you chose? Why?

How has this methodology been applied by different researchers? Provide examples.

What kind of knowledge can be produced with the methodology? (epistemology)

What is the object of interest in the methodology: predicting, understanding, emancipating or deconstructing? (identifying the paradigm)

Does the methodology present reality in terms of objectivism or subjectivism, or something in between, how come? (ontology)

How can the results produced by this methodology be assessed? (issues of validity, reliability, ethics)


no filler pages – evaluation is based on content, not length:

An expert essay (5) provides an informed and concise response to all the questions.

A good essay (3) addresses most questions in an informed and knowledgeable manner.

A passing (under 3) essay provides fairly systematic knowledge about a method


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